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FCRA Compliant Background Screening

We offer a complete FCRA compliant Background Screening services with real-time transaction tracking.

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It's so easy to get started. You could be running background checks instantly, and our award-winning service team is here to answer any questions.

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Our powerful, easy-to-use search tools and technology enable fast access to comprehensive data with a range of search solutions that meet the varying needs of any company.

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Our background check solutions encompass a wide range of background screening data - from nationwide criminal records, to SSN validation and address trace to instant localized county searches.

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Background Screening Products

Whether hiring a key employee or entering into a new business relationship, companies with superior information will make better business decisions and substantially reduce risk.

Nationwide Database Search

    Instantly produces a multi-state report of criminal records, which includes the District of Columbia. Each Nationwide Database Search report contains the information you need, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information.

Statewide Comprehensive

    Combines multiple sources of information in a single search. Report information may include, but is not limited to, court-level felony records, court-level misdemeanor records, traffic records, department of corrections data, and information from state sex-offender registries.

County Level Criminal Search

    This report provides criminal records held at the county level. Reports generally include felony and/or misdemeanor records. A single county search is especially valuable when you need to perform a more comprehensive or current database search.

SSN Verification

    The SSN check reports the applicant's name related to the provided Social Security number as reported by the Social Security Administration and the three credit bureaus. Report information may include, but is not limited to, current and former address history, the applicant's age and/or date of birth, and the applicant's county of residence. Our Social Security number verification is processed in real time, which makes for an instant turnaround.

County Level Civil Records

    This report provides civil records held at the county level: civil record searches identify noncriminal suits filed by individuals or corporations, including product-liability suits, civil-rights violations, judgments for nonpayment of goods, and litigation related to divorce and child custody.

Bankruptcies / Liens / Judgments

    These two reports can cover bankruptcies, civil judgments, evictions, tax liens and small claims judgments filed at the county level for all 50 states. State and county coverage varies. Most counties are updated weekly. Liens reported are federal, state, and sometimes county tax liens.
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